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How to apply to IAE Montpellier


Information on the most evaluated recruitment criteria and supporting documents to be prepared

For your information, in order to help you prepare your recruitment files, you should know that the evaluation of applications is based on certain criteria - academic criteria such as your transcripts, necessary prerequisites (depending on the course), diplomas, internships, professional experience; the professional project with the production of a CV and a letter of motivation will be predominant, and of course the level of the main language in the course envisaged (French or English, depending on the language practised in the course). Producing a test or level of language for an Lv1 may be a plus.

In case of admission, registration can only be validated if the candidates have paid the registration fees and provided the diploma or title (DUT BTS - Licence master 1, master or at least equivalent diploma)
Attention: the originals will be requested from the school office


To apply for a DU - Licence 3 - Master 2

To apply for the Master 1

*If you have (or are preparing for) a national bachelor's degree or another diploma allowing access to the Master 1 course, you will have to go through the new national application platform, from March 2023, to apply for the first year of a national master's degree. Check the following page regularly to keep up to date with application procedures:


Lifelong Training

Please note that all IAE training courses are open to the Lifelong Training public, whether they are full-time, part-time or alternating (possibility of professionalization contracts).

All our training brochures are accessible through the "Training" tab. To access the application file for continuing education, you must contact our continuing education department

: Contact Lifelong Training


IAE Montpellier

IAE Montpellier is a public university management school of the University of Montpellier.

The registration fees are based on those of French public universities.

The school is part of the national network IAE France, which includes the 37 IAEs in France.

We generally, but not exclusively, train students from scientific and technical backgrounds, from Bachelor's degree to PhD. 

Students are mainly recruited on the basis of a portfolio and an interview. The Score IAE Message or Tage Mage tests are not required for admission to IAE Montpellier.

We offer a complete range of initial, sandwich and continuing education courses and provide international mobility opportunities within our 75 foreign partner universities.




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Administrative Staff :  

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