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How to apply to IAE Montpellier

All the information to apply

Most of our training is provided in French language, except for the Bachelor of International Management and Business (BIMB) program, the MBA Digital Business & Innovation (MBA DBI) program and the Master of International Business Engineering (MIBE) program.

To apply for our French taught degrees, you must justify of a B2 level in French language. You can find the information about the application process on the French version of this page: Postuler (French version).


Please see below all the information to apply for our English taught programs!



Information about the most evaluated recruitment criteria and supporting documents to be prepared: 

For your information, in order to help you prepare your recruitment files, note that the evaluation of applications is based on some criteria, such as:

  • Academic: validation of the required number of ECTS (or equivalent), exam results, suitability for the prerequisites specific to each program, level of English (submission of a certificate like TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS).
  • Professional: previous internships, working experiences.
  • Applicant’s professional plan and motivation.


In case of admission:

Registration can only be validated if candidates have paid for the registration fees and provided the required diploma or qualification.

Please note: the originals of your diplomas (or qualifications) may be requested at the time of your administrative registration.