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Management & Technologies Chair

Management & Technologies Chair
Partnered Chair between IAE & LABEX Entreprendre


The Management & Technologies Chair was established in September 2013 under the impetus of Prof. Véronique Bessière, Research Director at IAE and Co-Director of a research programme promoted by LABEX Entreprendre. The chair is based on the training and management expertise at IAE and is for students from scientific and technological sections (double skills) and on LABEX's expertise in research into innovation and entrepreneurship.


Technology represents a significant dimension in innovation and business venturing. The Management & Technologies Chair is aimed at supporting this through selected themes:

  • Technology Transfer
  • Technology Management
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • The Dynamics of Innovation and Territories


The aim for the Chair is to support and encourage development in the relations between teaching and research in the field of technology management and student entrepreneurship for persons from scientific and technology disciplines. 

  • Support the development of knowledge applied to technological innovation, notably with regards to territorial technology transfer.
  • Promote consolidation between scientific and technological training and management training.
  • Support research initiatives and their transfer to the professional and educational spheres, disseminate knowledge and research results.
  • Host international teacher-researchers specialised in this sector.
  • Heighten the visibility of research and its impact in an international context. 
  • Contribute to intensifying research and training initiatives.


CHAIR SUPERVISORS: Prof. Véronique Bessière and Prof. Eric Stéphany