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Doctorate admissions

Application to Ph.D. & the research course during the second year of Master

IAE Montpellier offers a research course in each of its Masters degrees.

Our institution has a financing package to support doctoral students in achieving their studies.
Any holder of a Master's degree, or equivalent, providing evidence of having completed a specific training in management research, may submit an application to a doctorate. The admission to the Doctoral School and the allocation of funding is determined by the Doctoral School committee after consideration of applications and candidates interviews. After completion of a Master's degree, research is performed on a specific topic under the supervision of a  research supervisor. This doctorate is completed within the MRM research laboratory -  Montpellier Research in Management. The Ph.D. provides access to careers in Higher Education and Research but also for careers in consulting and more generally careers where reflection is predominant.

The Ph.D. in Management Science is divided into various areas of research: Accounting, Finance, Human resources, Information systems, Marketing and Strategy.


Many modes of funding dedicated to Ph.D. studies are available: research grants, teaching and research assistants grants (ATER), CIFRE contracts signed with a company on specific projects, for example via the National Research Agency (ANR) .

More Information is provided on the website of the Economics and Management Doctoral School (CEDA) in Montpellier or on the website of the "Contact" association which brings together Ph.D. students of Montpellier academy:

Prerequisites to apply for a Ph.D.

Access to a Ph.D. is given to students who successfully completed a research-oriented Master's degree (mainly Master's degrees in Management or Economics, but also Masters in Computer Science, Sociology, Mathematics applied to Social Science and other Masters in Social Science).

As part of the second year of IAE Masters, the research course focuses on conceptual thinking and research methodology in the field of management, followed by a brief but essential conceptual dimension. In the framework of this course, a minimum of three months internship is required.