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Internship agreement procedure



Validating internships/projects (mission):

All internships or project assignments must be subject to an agreement.
Without this agreement, your internship or projects cannot be validated.
You cannot begin your internship or project with a company without an agreement.

You will be asked to provide several pieces of information to draft your agreement.
It is important that you contact your host organisation beforehand to obtain this information.

You will be asked for the following information:

Concerning the host organisation:

  • Name of the host organisation (corporate name)
  •  Address of the host organisation
  •  First and last name, occupation and e-mail address of the person representing the host organisation (person signing the agreement)
  •  APE code (only for French companies)
  •  SIRET number (only for French companies)
  •  Number of staff
  •  Legal status
  •  Website
  •  Description of the host organisation’s activities

Concerning the internship:

  •  Internship start date
  •   Internship end date
  •  Dates of any breaks in internship (if applicable)
  •  Name and address of the host department or service
  •  Number of authorised days of annual leave (if applicable)
  •  Bonus payment amount (mandatory bonus of 3.90€/hr for all internships exceeding 308 hours of presence)
  •  List of in-kind benefits (if applicable)
  •  First and last name, occupation and email address of tutor with the host organisation (who also signs the agreement)
  •   First and last name of the contact tutor (IAE tutor), the Corporate Relations Department will send you the name of your tutor at the start of the academic year
  •   Internship theme
  •  Internship subject
  •   Duties and task


To create your agreement, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1

Connect up to the University’s digital workplace (ENT) > click on Scolarité (Tuition) > click on Stages et offres d'emplois (Internships and job offers)


Step 2

Click on Conventions de stage/Internship agreements, thenCréer une nouvelle convention (Create a new agreement)




Step 3

Once you have completed your agreement, click on the Créer (Create) button to confirm and save your agreement.

You cannot print out your agreement. It must first be validated by your contact tutor who will receive an email to validate your agreement.

Once your tutor has validated your agreement, the agreement application system will send you a message to remind you.

Please contact the Corporate Relations and Internships Department so that your agreement can be printed out and signed by IAE.

Vocational training students must collect their agreements from the University’s Vocational Training Department.

Your internship agreement must be signed in three original copies by each of the three parties (host organisation, student and IAE).

Your internship will only be administratively validated when one copy of the agreement signed by the three parties has been received by the Corporate Relations and Internships Department.

Corporate Relations Coordinator
icone-tel 04 67 14 47 22
icone-tel 06 86 14 70 35


Pour plus d’information, consultez le Guide Utilisateur Pstage