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M1 - Ingénieur d'affaires à l'International / International Business Engineering (MIBE)

Type de formation :

Dates de recrutement session 1

22 et 23/04/2024

Dates de recrutement session 2

* Date limite de confirmation de pré-inscription 10 jours après l'affichage des résultats d'admission.
Management et Commerce International
Master 1 - Ingénieur d'Affaires à l'International / International Business Engineering
Responsable pédagogique :
Gilles SERE DE LANAUZE / Autcharaporn SOMSING
Gestionnaire administratif :
Marie-Jeanne HAYWARD
Marie-Jeanne HAYWARD

Applications for the Master MIBE are made on the e-Candidat platform and not on monmaster.gouv


Programme overview and Intended Learning Outcomes

The Master in International Business Engineering has been specifically designed for students who wish to acquire a dual competence in international sales or purchase. It is a two-year degree, entirely taught in English, aimed at international and French graduates that come mainly from a scientific background (bachelor degree in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, for instance) and that do not necessarily have experience in management or business. The main objective of this programme is to provide students with professional management skills supported by a global perspective, and prepare them to thrive in the global labor market. The Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for the Master’s degree in International Business Engineering are divided into six categories:

  • I.L.O n°1: Understanding theoretical and conceptual knowledge
  • I.L.O n°2: Applying international business tools and knowledge appropriately to specific market
  • I.L.O n°3: Research and analyse diverse information to address the right question and propose original solutions
  • I.L.O n°4:Effectiveinternationalcommunicationandnegotiationskillsespeciallyforsellingandpurchasing
  • I.L.O n°5: Potential leader and work successfully in a multicultural team
  • I.L.O n°6: Responsible Manager
  • I.L.O n°7: Professional management skills supported by a global perspective (Internship)


Skills and competences

MIBE is focused on preparing students for a range of management roles in international business and provides an appropriate balance of knowledge, skills and competencies as well as opportunities for the development of personal attributes relevant to roles in international business management. Students will experience one year abroad for both professional and academic proficiency. It is expected that graduates will go on to careers in purchasing and sales with multinational companies and SMEs as well as entering management development programmes with companies operating in a global context. The graduates will also acquire skills for development of independent learning, social responsibility, personal responsibility, and initiative as well as team-work and cross-cultural communication skills.


Entry Requirements and Student Profile

All applicants to the Master’s degree in International Business Engineering must provide evidence that they earned 180 ECTS credits at the time of submitting their application. Admission requirements for the program rely first in applicants’ academic performance and exam results. The second element taken into consideration is international working experience (or time spent abroad) and English language proficiency. Any applicant whose first language is not English must certify proficiency in English by submitting one of the following certificates: TOEFL (min. 80), TOEIC (min. 750) or IELTS (min. 6). The third element taken into account is the applicant’s professional plan and motivation.

Applications are made on the eCandidat platform (red) and not on monmaster.gouv : Click here to access eCandidat red.


Career opportunities

  • International industrial purchaser
  • International sales engineer
  • Marketing project manager
  • Marketing assistant
  • B to B seller
  • Business analyst
  • Transnational contracts negotiator
  • Account manager.


The first year and the second year

First year : internship 

« A 3 to 4 month internship is mandatory at the end of the first year (M1S2). The dedicated period runs from April to September; placement has to be completed before the beginning of the following mobility term in a host foreign university. » 

2nd year : international mobility with partner universities 

« The third semester of the programme (first semester of the second year) is spent abroad in one of our partner universities, it is called the mobility semester. Each student is nominated in one of the IAE partner universities »


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