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What is apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship programs offer students the possibility to alternate their studies between school and work -IAE students may choose this option. As an apprentice, a student acquires concrete professional experience and obtains the status of an employee and its inherent avantages, namely:

  • salary - students are exonerated from tuition fees
  • paid vacation
  • work councils

IAE Montpellier offers a wide range of apprenticeship programs

  • Bachelor of Multimedia Management (third year)
  • Master of Information Technology and Decision Systems (1st & 2nd year)
  • Master of Marketing, Information Technology and Communication (1st & 2nd year)
  • Master of Information Technology Project Management (1st & 2nd year)
  • Master of Innovation Management and Business Venturing (1st & 2nd year)
  • Master of Strategic Human Resources Management (2nd year)
  • Master of Technology Systems and Management Control (2nd year)
  • Master of Banking and Insurance (1st & 2nd year)
  • Master of Manufacturing Systems and Marketing (1st & 2nd year)